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pension funding costs

Atherton Green Building & Pension Funding Costs: 2006 Mayor Charles Marsala Discusses

High speed rail

Atherton High Speed Rail: Council Member Charles Marsala Expresses Concerns

home energy audits

Atherton Home Energy Audits: Council Member Charles Marsala Interviews Steve Schmidt

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High Speed Rail: Opposed. High Speed Rail was approved by the voters on a 52-48 percent vote in 2008. Since then the expected ridership numbers have been revised down by 25% and the cost increased by more than $10,000,000,000.00. A 15’ high wall to support the train tracks going through the Peninsula is a bad idea.

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High Speed Rail Video
High Speed Rail II Video

Green Building:  As Mayor in 2006 I signed the Mayor’s climate Protection agreement and suggested the Waste Reduction Committee be renamed the Environmental Programs Committee to address Water Conversation, Air Quality, Energy Reduction, and Green Building.

Green Building Video
Solar Financial Justification Video
Home Energy Audits Video

Pension Reform: Our State, County, and Town are facing severe financial difficulties due to the cost of pension and benefits. While we respect and appreciate both our Public Safety and Miscellaneous Employees, to have enhanced programs without approved funding was a bad idea. 

Pension Reform Video

New Town Center: Our current town center was built in 1965 and does not meet OSHA, Seismic, and ADA codes. The building, public works, and part of the police department work out of modular trailers. Since 1995 the council has been discussing the need for additional permanent space.  This needs to be addressed, even in today’s financial climate.

New Town Center Video

Emergency Preparedness:
It is important for all residents to be trained in disaster response. Menlo Fire provides a 15 hour training course called Citizens Emergency Response Training (CERT).
Emergency Preparedness Video

Schools :
With ten schools in Atherton, it is important for us to have five year master plans for development with the administrations.