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Atherton Green Building & Pension Funding Costs: 2006 Mayor Charles Marsala Discusses

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Atherton High Speed Rail: Council Member Charles Marsala Expresses Concerns

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Atherton Home Energy Audits: Council Member Charles Marsala Interviews Steve Schmidt



--San Mateo County Times 20 September 2000
Marsala (has) experience in city governance... and proven dedication to the city.

Marsala is...deeply involved in civic activities through recreation, not just through city politics. We find him open and approachable and the freshest face among the candidates on the city's political landscape.

--San Mateo County Times 14 September 2000
Marsala said it's still important to rebuild city employees' morale and modernize Town facilities to ensure the city can retain and recruit employees.

He also plans to encourage a close watch on the city's spending and to encourage residents to join city commissions.

We need to let other people know that their voice can be heard when they get involved, the businessman said, adding he advocates expanding the city web site, televising council meetings, and sending bulk emails to keep residents informed of city business.

Atherton is in need of responsible and effective leadership. One candidate has demonstrated these qualities. Charles Marsala's campaign emphasizes "Experience, Vision, Results." I believe he will deliver these to Atherton for the challenges we face.

Although Charles and I share a personal friendship, I first became acquainted with Charles through civic affairs. We have worked together on the city parcel tax and the Citizens Screening Committee for a New City Manager, and I have participated in functions sponsored by the Atherton Arts Committee of which he is vice-chairman.

I urge my friends and neighbors to join me in my enthusiastic support of Charles Marsala.
--Merv Morris, Atherton

I have known Charles for over four years I have observed his leadership abilities in action many times. I have often asked him to become involved in non-profit organizations which I was involved in and which needed help. Whether it was sitting on a board or working with entrepreneurs, Charles has always helped the organizations achieve focus and produce results.

I have also met his employees. I feel many companies would envy his employees' corporate spirit and many executives would envy the respect and sincere affection his employees have for him.

For the last two years Charles has been involved in the Arts Committee efforts to Build Community in Atherton. He takes advantage of every opportunity to bring our Town togather.

As a member of the Waste Reduction Committee he worked with other residents to get Atherton into compliance with state laws thereby saving us from $10,000 a day in fines.

As the Town goes forward it will need someone who can work with the staff, committees and residents to produce results. It will need someone who will represent Atherton in a manner that makes us proud to live here. The Town needs an experinced leader whos vision will produce results. The Town needs Charles Marsala.
--Sheri Sobrato, Atherton

Endorsement of fellow commissioner:
Being a member with Charles Marsala on both the Park and Recreation Commission and the Art Committee I have observed how he brings his experience in management and Atherton affairs to help build consensus and determine a plan of action to the organizations to which he is belongs.

He brings a positive, enthusiastic energy to his work and as a result he motivates others to want to participate as well. His focus is to Build Community so that more citizens are involved and more input is obtained so that we can move forward to meet the challenges the Town faces.

We need his positive energy at the City Council level.
--Polly Berquist, Atherton

Atherton needs clear, positive direction
Atherton's ability to attract new staff and retain existing personnel will depend on quickly restoring solvency to the town, under clear and positive direction from the council.

Jim Janz and Charles Marsala have labored effectively behind the scenes, on Atherton committees, at the kind unglamourous tasks that make the town run. They know how to work with people, and they have offered well-thought-out ideas to improve staff morale and retention.

I hope Atherton residents will see through the retoric in this campaign and join me in casting responsible votes for Atherton for Jim Janz and Charles Marsala.
--Linda Hutchinson Gross, Parker Avenue, Atherton

Our Leaders need Dignity and Honesty
We strongly support Jim Janz and Charles Marsala for Town Council in Atherton.

We need intelligent, open-minded, straightforward leadership at the council. Both Janz and Marsala offer that.

We want our town leaders to be held to high standards, including dignity and honesty. Both Janz and Marsala deserve our vote.
--John and Laura Foster, Atherton

I would like to make it clear that I support Jim Janz and Charles Marsala. I am confident that they understand fully the financial issues facing the town,
--Robert G. O'Donnell, Atherton, Audit Committee Member